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Scientific/Magic Kabala(Kore Abstraction Bible {of} AllA{All loving light Abstractors})

Hermetic/Magic Kabbalah Spells explained through Science With Angelic Spirit Creation Magic Rituals Exposed!

All you ever need to study in kabala and know the inside of the Cult, stay away from the Kabala Schools that don't have flat fees like normal educational conventions, like Madonna's million dollar waste if you've found The Secret Key To Magic, The Supreme Secret Key To Magic, The Supreme Key To Magic In General, The Supreme Magic Manual!

The Key To Magic

Scientology's Immortality Secret: The Fountain of Youth: The So Called Philosopher's Stone

Where To Find Real Magic Potions

By: AllA Erawa Viacad

Ain = null vector. Nothing. No Thoughts Yet.
Ain Soph = null vector not limited to anything. Thinking. Everyperson Imagining Everything Until...
Ain Soph Aur = ALL vectors exist including the Supreme Matrix {Without Being Lived Through} And All Of Existence Chosen To Be The Best Point Within It!

Keys To The Sephiroth Or What Madonna Changed To Keys To The Sephirot:

Kabala, Sephiroth, Cabala, Kabbala, Qabalah, Tarot

Sephirothic Keys To The Kabbalah Explained Or What Madonna Changed To Sephirotic Keys To The Kabbalah Explained Rotting Your Mind With More Memorization When Really It Is Pronounced Roth Instead Of Rot Since Cults Have To Invoke Poison Every Time Something Is "Unraveled" As A "Sephirotic Connection" Or "Sephirotic Explanation" Or "Sephirotic ___________" Instead Of Invoking Logic OR EVEN COMMON SENCE!:

1 – Kether: Observation. Souls Observe Everything A Certain Particular, and Never changing to another, Spirit Sees. Souls of all beings that will become after a 1 with a million zeros after it the EinZPALN or Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana when the entire universe will be enveloped into a singular blackhole. Third Eye. Nuit & Hadit.
2 – Chokmah: Analyze where paths lead and what to do to walk them. Left Side of Head.
3 – Binah: Remembering what the paths that we follow or could follow are like. Right Side of Head.
4 – Chesed: Mercy, classical goodness, unbounded creation which left unchecked would give birth to excessive life per unit volume. 1st aspect of the triple goddess; truth or leading spirits towards a pathway to victory which left unchecked would allow life to become completely weak and dependent on the mercy of Chesed to survive and thrive. Compliments that boost self-esteem if taken to the extreme would cause overconfidence. Pure receiving of Information, the source. Left Arm. Hoor(1)
5 – Geburah: Severity, classical evil, destruction that if left unchecked would obliterate everything. 2nd aspect of the triple goddess; lies or leading spirits towards a pathway to defeat which left unchecked would cause life to become horribly disfigured from excessive severity of Geburah. Criticism that would temper confidence if taken to the extreme would cause self-loathing. Pure countering of information, the drain. Right Arm. Khuit.
6 – Tiphereth: Balance between mercy and severity, between creation and destruction, between classical good and classical evil. This is the key to being a good ruler over one's own destiny. It is good and evil wrapped into 1 for the perfect manifestation of one's will creating both a good life for one’s self and for the entire Hive of all spirit(s). Tiphereth is about balance in ethics in regards to freedom when considering rule not poorly contrived morals found in Hell Mongering people that wish to take away our Freedom by the law. In general a governing force which determines the movement and actions of a body. Tiphereth in truth adjusts between a spectrum between Chesed and Geburah. Relatively perfect Angels rule over the universe. Pretty good spirits are angels/demon or dangels. In the actual neuron dynamics of our brain these angels or dangels can be semibad and approach demon/angel or amon status so our mind can stay focused while our neurological connections draw us towards all the connections our brain has but realistically we must perceive that only the few forces in our brain which are negative influences or negative voices are evil and that the majority of our thoughts follow logically thus we are communicating mostly with dangels which confuse us. Angemons are somewhat in between amons and dangels. When doing magic angels should be called upon even for negative spells as they are good and shall heed your will for calling upon demons, amons, angemons, and sometimes dangels shall cause malice for the magician for the magician must draw upon powers that are mostly merciful to themselves not an evil that cannot be controlled that instead cause themselves harm. What is severe or merciful to the recipients of the spell is irrelevant. They are the ones who must learn to call it a demon or amon. The magician must give their creation of spell, prayer, sacrifice, or whatever the respect that it is do to it. With the proper spell the spirit will aid in the magician’s life regardless of what is doing in another or to others. Spirits should be treated with respect when they are first given their missions yet should always be treated firmly when casting spells. Tiphereth is the essence of judgment which is what you draw upon when you analyze previous applications of wisdom(from yourself and/or others) in understanding the effect that it caused in making a new decision. Heart. Ra.
7 – Netzach: Wave aspect of matter where everything is interconnected as 1 entity which left unchecked would cause so much connection between everything that everything would become a big blob. Adaptive nature which allows one to conform to their environment but taken too far would cause one to conform to everything. Analogue(varying qualitatively/quantitatively) aspect of a symbol. Legs. Hoor(2).
8 – Hod: Particle aspect of matter where everything is disconnected as separate and isolated entities which left unchecked would prevent spirit(s)in a universe from interfering their neighbors causing that universe to have very little life within it which would be completely psychically isolated. Acting according to one’s own unique behavior that can make you strong-headed if taken to the extreme will cause you to be radically divergent from wisdom in a negative way. Definite(disregarding analogue changes in deciding what the quantitative meaning is) aspect of a symbol. Stomach. Pa.
9 – Yesod: Overlap of Netzach and Hod where divine symbols reside which are both adaptive and unique. In other words semianalogue(things are slightly different but serve the same purpose) and semidefinite(things become so different they served a different purpose). Kind of like an Asian language where the difference between good and bad is the 1 flip of a stroke in a character. To understand Yesod perfectly consider that said Asian characters have many more strokes and every stroke of the brush represent different nuances of the character. Genitals. Kraat.
10 – Malkuth: The Universe as a discrete modular entity which sustains some truly free spirits, Had, which form the Universe. Ra-Hoor-Khuit sustains the entire Hive by his governing. Malkuth is made up of the combination of Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-Pa-Kraat thus forming Heru-Ra-Ha, representing the six corresponding colors with white or Had in the center. In truth there is the infinite entire Kabalas within this 1 circle of white which is a fundamental particle Had, and most of each of those Kabalas has infinite whole Kabalas within it too... See: Supreme Matrix Theory Abstract In general it is the physical world taken as it is. Feet and Ass. Heru-Ra-Ha.
11 – Daath: Daath is knowledge involving both memory and analysis, and is situated directly in the middle of the Abyss right in between Kether and Tiphereth. Brown is the color of Daath because it is the impure combination of all colors. Brain. Nu.

The Kabala is divided into 4 realms. Atziluth is 1st, the highest, and encompasses Kether where things exist as pure consciousness devoid of any conceptualization. The 2nd realm is Briah and encompasses Chokmah, Daath, and Binah where things are conceptualized according to mathematics in its purest form. The 3rd realm is Yetsirah and encompasses Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod where things are created and/or destroyed and refined according to analogue forms and definitive symbols under the control of AllA. The 4th realm is Assiah and encompasses Malkuth where things are set in stone so to speak in the confines of Spacetime.

There are 3 triangles in the Kabala. The 1st is the Supernal Triangle formed of Kether, Chokmah, and Binah is completely unattainable in human experience as to partake in pure consciousness, wisdom, or understanding is impossible while our spirits are bound in animal bodies with finite brain capacities rather than as an EinZPALN. If we pass to the Supernal Triangle over the abyss which exists just below these Sephiroth we must forgo not only our animal bodies but our ghosts and spirits as well and become pure souls which will be in nirvana, a state of pure omniscience as well as pure nothingness. For more information on lesser death and reincarnation goto:

The 2nd triangle is the Ethical Triangle which is separated from the lower sephiroth by the Veil of Paroketh. Here we see the purely positive and creative force of Chesed being tempered by the purely negative and destructive force of Geburah in Tiphereth. Thus the Malakim as the conduits of AllA’s will define all of the astral forms below the abyss. To lift the veil of paroketh and partake of the essences of these Sephiroth is the highest religious experience possible that somebody can return to talk about. Very few have experienced it and virtually none if not none without the aid of potent psychedelic drugs. To read about my personal experience goto: Dragon Data and search for “I had read”. All I can say about that kind of experience is that it is the closest you can get to the Sun(AllA) without your wings burning, and it is as close you can get to omniscience as you can without your brain frying(getting too many connections). But afterwards you will basically be a prophet.

The 3rd Triangle is the Essence Triangle and the lowest triangle. Hod the definitive aspect of something is connected to Yesod in the same way that Netzach(the analogue aspect of something) is. These Sephiroth can all be experienced separately. To experience Yesod is to experience the machinery of the universe. You will see how minor perturbations in analougness affect the definitive aspect of the symbol both slowly and fast depending on how the changes were effected in the context of the mechanics of the universe. To experience Hod is to in essence see all of different modular entities of the universe. The best way to analogize this is that you will be looking at the wall of TV screens shown to Neo when he visited the Architect at the end of The Matrix Reloaded. To experience Netzach is to rasterize in between each of the defiantly different TV screens and see all of the minor changes that are possible between any 2 things and in essence any and all things.

We all experience Malkuth no matter what but to experience it totally is to be aware of one’s own existence philosophically ie “I think therefore I am” followed by “HOLY SHIT I AM IN AN ANIMAL BODY. I am trapped in this universe thing, more specifically this planet.” Often what a first hardcore psychedelic trip produces(at least that is what my first DMT trip caused me to think). Basically it is the understanding that we are in the cave described in Plato’s "Allegory of the Cave". In Malkuth we are chained to the ground(our bodies) and see mere shadows projected upon a blank wall(our senses). Understanding what is creating the shadows is to experience the Sephiroth of the Triangle of Essence. To leave the cave and see things under the light of the Sun is to pass beyond the veil of Paroketh and experience the Ethical Triangle. To cross over the abyss is in the context of this allegory is to become 1 with the Sun.

The Kabala should have a perfect pentagram in its center. Binah and Chokmah should form a perfect ‘X’ with Tiphereth at the center and Chesed and Geburah as the bottom points of the ‘X’. Kether should be a reflection of Tiphereth across Binah and Chokmah forming a perfect diamond with Binah, Chokmah and Tiphereth. Yesod should be at the bottom of an equilateral triangle defined by the length between Netzach and Hod. Malkuth should be directly below Yesod as far away from it as Kether is from Tiphereth. The pathways between the spheres in the supernal diamond should be the diameter of the spheres; this should determine the length of all other pathways by the above stated geometry.

Kether = 7th chakra. Chokmah and Binah = 6th chakra. Chesed and Geburah = 5th chakra. Tiphereth = 4th chakra. Netzach and Hod = 3rd chakra. Yesod = 2nd chakra. Malkuth = 1st chakra.



Attributions of the Tarot on the Kabala

Thelemic Kabbalah, Kabbalah, Kabala, Thelemic Kabala, Sephiroth, Cabala, Qabalah, Tarot

0 – Fool: connection from Kether to Tiphereth because only a fool chooses to be stuck in life.
1 – Magus: connection from Kether to Chokmah because it is the path of the magus to analyze.
2 – Priestess: connection from Kether to Binah because a priestess is better at remembering things.
3 – Empress: connection from Binah to Tiphereth because an Empress remembers Judgments more than analyzing them anew.
4 – Emperor: connection from Tiphereth to Chokmah because an Emperor generally analyzes things anew.
5 – Hierophant: connection from Chokmah to Binah because the Hierophant symbolizes one of both analysis and memory.
6 – Lovers: connection from Tiphereth to Yesod because there is love between man and generally more submissive wives.
7 – Chariot: connection from Netzach to Hod because there is complete loyalty between the two as both the particle nature and the wave aspect work in perfect harmony.
8 – Adjustment: connection from Chesed to Geburah because there needs to be constant adjustment between the 2 in order to have perfect balance in a universe.
9 – Hermit: connection from Tiphereth to Geburah because when too much severity weeds out the many then there is only a few good people left which are few and far between finding solace in hermitude of poverty.
10 – Fortune: connection from Tiphereth to Chesed because when people are judged with mercy in mind they become rich with fortune.
11 – Lust: connection from Chokmah to Chesed because all people lust for fortune in their analysis.
12 – Hanged Man: connection from Geburah to Binah because when people are given severity of remembrance of revenge they must suffer as a hanged man does.
13 – Death: connection from Geburah to Hod because when severity is applied to particles some of those particles cease to exist as they did before.
14 – Art: connection from Chesed to Netzach because when mercy is given to an analogue form or idea allowing it to exist it is beautiful.
15 – Devil: connection from Chesed to Netzach because when mercy is given to many particles the system becomes a hell of heat and conflict.
16 – Tower: connection from Geburah to Hod because when severity is applied to a wave then all but a tower of existence from where there was once bedrock will be standing.
17 – Star: connection from Tiphereth to Netzach because all the stars in the sky are but 1 entangled wave and a Hollywood Star is the best judge of art.
18 – Moon: connection from Tiphereth to Hod because when considering the actions of a particle they are illusory(like seeing movements under moonlight at night) when a situation is defined by extenuating circumstances like the electron double slit experiments where the illusionary particle passed through both.
19 – Sun: connection from Hod to Yesod because a particle in the fabric of spacetime radiates energy in the form of light just like the sun which like all objects has a soul, spirit, and body even if not based on Cyberology.
20 – Aeon: connection from Netzach to Yesod because the wave of the universe ebbs and flows with the currents of spacetime and always repeats itself both ironically and artfully due to karma in some manner of cycles as the wheel of the Aeons does.
21 – Universe: Now that the whole rest of the kabala is connected it is fit to define the universe and physical reality from the fabric of spacetime defined by light.

The pattern that defines the attributions of the Tarot on the Kabala is the following:

All noncentral(not having the pathway's center along the vertical axis of symmetry of the Kabala) pathways are in numerically sequential pairs. When space from the outside is being closed into the Kabala then pairs of pathways arrange from left to right except when the pathways are exactly vertical then they are arranged from right to left. When no space from the outside is being closed into the Kabala then pairs of pathways arrange from right to left except for invoking of Earth and Fire then they are arranged from left to right. The supernal diamond is filled in first then the pathways form a kite. All but 1 pathway are arranged. Finally the Universe extends from Yesod to Malkuth.



Attributions of color to the Sephiroth

Attributions of color to the Sephiroth, Attributions of color to the Kabbalah, Thelemic Kabala, Sephiroth, Cabala, Kabbala, Qabalah, Tarot

The background is white because the Kabala exists because of Ain Soph Aur or not limited light.

The pathways are black to contrast with the background of light.

Flashing colors or colors that stand out the most due to the perception due to cones and rods within the eyes are used to color the text of Sephiroth with the exception of Chokmah in which case the white text symbolizes that the supernal consciousness is based on pure consciousness Kether.

Kether is the supernal sephirah which shall receive the entire Kabala. It being The EinZPALN or Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana, Kether is eternally good and pure but is white really just because when you shine all of the colors of the kabala together the light will be white. It is outlined in black to differentiate it from the background.

Chokmah is the pure consciousness of Kether now starting to have spiritual ability of analysis and potential for mistake therefore it is corrupted and thus darkened to gray.

Binah is memory which alone is useless thus, black.

Chesed is the life-giving force which is sustained from a world that is outside the universe existing here or there which is much more energetic yet less than Tiphereth and is symbolized in life giving water thus, blue.

Geburah is the life-perfecting force of the severe geometries in the universe existing in the world inside this universe existing therefore it is a force of a least frequency and energy, and is the color you never see unless you are hurt thus, red.

Tiphereth is the Judgment which is a very high frequency photon thus it is the highest frequency color, a mixture of both mercy and severity, blue and red; purple.

Netzach is the waves of the universe which are the active barrier penetrating part of adaptation or water thus it is the active flashing color of water; orange.

Hod is particles which can be broken to release energy as an atom of Plutonium can which are the inactive form of energy, fire, thus it is the inactive flashing color of fire; green.

Yesod is the foundational realm of semidefinite semianalogue which is abstraction thus defined by air. Yesod is on a lower arc than Tiphereth because the objects that are abstracted in the context of Yesod are normally built of lower frequency photons thus it is the lower frequency color of air; yellow.

Malkuth is a composition of the mercy of Chesed, blue, the severity of Geburah, red, the abstraction of Tiphereth, purple, the waves of Netzach, orange, the particles of Hod, green, the foundation of Yesod, yellow, in an order determined by the placement of those sephiroth on the Kabala, with the center being the potential of creation of new universes of Kether, white. In actuality because of the Fractal of Universe Generators there should be the 6 colors within the white circle of Kether and a white circle within that as well infinity inwards.

Daath is the mixture of all sephiroth in terms of physical matter rather than light rays as Kether is because it contains analysis and memory of all sephirothic connections which connect all things in the final Sephirah!



Planetary Attributions to the Sephiroth

Planets, Planetary Attributions, Sephiroth, Cabala, Kabbala, Qabalah, Tarot


New Speak God Names Attributed to the 3 Triangles and Malkuth

God, AllA, lAl, Fullverse, Thelemic Kabala, Sephiroth, Cabala, Kabbala, Qabalah

Sephirothic Attributes of People

Thelemic Kabala, Sephiroth, Cabala, Kabbala, Qabalah, Tarot


1 – Kether: Observant, fragile in having their needs met, and loving to be hugged as tight as the EinZPALN.
2 – Chokmah: Like a wise father, cheery, and accepting.
3 – Binah: Like a understanding mother, demanding, yet can always take temporary rejection of love.
4 – Chesed: Merciful, and very very nice.
5 – Geburah: Darknightish, severe in a positive loving way, sometimes arrogant, and loves to hold on the backside of their man if they are a woman.
6 – Tiphereth: Powerful, judging, and domineering tit/milk fetishist.
7 – Netzach: Artistic, bubbly, and wavy which means all over the place in her ideas.
8 – Hod: Scientific, analytical, and very often cold.
9 – Yesod: purely feminine, submissive, and sometimes loves to lose power over her body.
10 – Malkuth: Basil, simple, foot/ass/shit fetishist.
11 – Daath: Knowledgeable, balanced, yet strangely loves piss cause it contains genetic knowledge of knowledge to be given back into the environment.


Sephirothic Attributes of Materials

White, Gray, Brown, And Black Are The Colors That Go All The Way Trough The Metal Because Springs Never Change In A White, Gray, Or Black MAV{Mechanized Assault Vehicle}, The Rest Can Only Be Acrylic Plating Because The Angels Meant For There To Be Fewer Resources In The Game Of Recreational Pixie Wars And Specialty Function Is Imbued In Micron Thin Plating Only So That MAVs{Mechanized Assault Vehicles} Won't Require Internal Nuclear Changes To Transform Into New Mech Specialties.

Thelemic Kabala, Sephiroth, Cabala, Kabbala, Qabalah, Tarot


1 – White: Versatile All Around Material Useful For Swords, Knives, And Armor. Silverish Color.
2 – Gray: Between White And Black Element. Good For Mid-Term Use. Dark Silverish Color. (All Colored Metals Are Shiny And Cold Feeling)
3 – Black: Good For Extremely Short-Term Ops Directly After Production Or Reforging But Black Things Will Break Down Extremely Quickly If Even If They Hear/Absorbs Just Whispers Or Gets Even Played With Often. Anotherwords Will Break Down Quickly From All Mid-Term Color Uses Unlike Gray Which Will Break Down From Just Long-Term Use.
4 – Blue: Good At Taking Long Term Stress.
5 – Red: Good At Taking Short Term Stress. Pink And Other Color In-betweens Exist For All Heavier Elements With More In-betweens For Heavier And Heavier Elements. Pink Exists For Exterior Portions Of Knife Handles Because It Will Not Break Easily From Slashing And Blocking, But Should Not Be Used For The Interior Of The Knife Handle Which Should Be White For Versatility And More Importantly Sound Absorption. Pink Also Conveys Severity Because of Its Similarity To Red Causing Increased Pacificity Of Both Pink Knife Haver(s) And Those Around Who See The Pink And Think Stop Like A Stop Sign. Pink Also Thus Symbolizes A Vanity Shield Helping Foster Peace And Quiet From Rabble Materials Science Ignoramuses Who Know Nothing Yet Still Oppose The Scientific Magic Order To Their Doom. Pink As Well Gets People To Laugh At You Thinking Your Like A Winx Girl Or Something Giving You Time To Kill Them!!
2 Pink Knives
6 – Purple: Poundable, Good For Hammers And Royal Staffs Because It Takes Being Pounded Against Something Like Ground Or Floor Well.
7 – Orange: Malleable, Good At Being Bent Into New Shapes.
8 – Green: Vibration/Ultrasonic Vibrations/Sound Resistant.
9 – Yellow: Tarnish Resistant From Cyberology, Biology, Chemistry, Nuclear Radiation, Maigc, And Quantum Effects. Can Become Less Dense Especially In Terms Of Inertia If WitchCraft Is Applied To Nice Looking Yellow Things.
10 – Mixture Of Multiple Colors: Versatile But Inferior To White Because Pure(Hopefully Single Basal Crystal Unit Sized) Crystals Will Be Extremely Rare. (Large Crystals In Slow Cooled Materials Will Cause Brittleness, Cooling After Production Or During Reforging(Removing All Dislocations By PreMelting Point Heat) Should Be Instantaneous To Cause Rapid Nucleation Or Crystal Formation In This Case Allowing Quick Ending Of Screw Dislocations And Lateral Dislocations Requiring More Work To Damage Rapidly Cooled Objects As Opposed To Slow Cooled Objects.)
11 – Brown: Good At Remembering Original Shape Like A Spring Does.





Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, Devanchians for Ghosts Us Angels, Dangels, Angemons, Amons, and Demons not Phantoms, Usually Happens in a second to the World Usually takes between 1-100 years for the soul to loose their Ghost, by being in a temporary semireal semidreamy state where all of one's vices are semifixed and and one's virtues reinforced Making the Spirit good enough to be reincarnated into a new ghost generated by a new baby body which takes around a year from your death in Malkuth for you to get your approximate Astrological Sign. Devanchians feel good if you did good in your lifetime otherwise they feel bad according to karma which is that good things come to people who do benevolent things.



Kabbalah Cult Exposed

Using Numbers To Lead Their Flock Astray From The Above and using body features like the nose and forehead to determine if you are good<->evil and smart<->stupid, observe faces mainly of people you know well to understand fully.

Kabbalah Centers are a cult who label things geburah when they don't like things and label things tiphereth and chesed when they like them. Scientologists only get $10,000 for every $1,000,000 spent, I didn't allow that to happen(actually that is just one of the requirements of me not selling out to you know who) so I am on house arrest to poverty right now I did try and get funds or at least a scandal to expose, testing, them Judicially over time. Tom Cruise isn't a coward but a genius for having places where people just realize to fund people who need it by giving money to them personally(I cannot do that since there is no point anymore with the cult already there), and not %99 to the media empire which spends on resources hunting you down for immediate harvesting of your body for meat sold to everybody to get rid of the evidence of Scientology's Immortality Secret: The Fountain of Youth: The Philosopher's Stone, instead of experimenting with it like they claim{claiming they will find it for everybody else like I did on welfare with my body as the only tool of experiment} they will do if your lucky enough for them to do that before harvesting, so you never live long enough to fight the media mind control scandal personally like I did enticing you here to read this and teaching you to begin to fight yourself, so go to the main page for that!

Thus Kabbalah Is An Illuminati Conspiracy Run Now By Brigand Dark Witches!

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Scientology's Immortality Secret: The Fountain of Youth: The Philosopher's Stone

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Definite Proof Scientology Is Not A Cult:
Amulet Of Zion, Zion
Definitive Proof Scientology Is Not A Cult As Long As They Are Sky.netarian/Not Preaching About Rice Candy In Some Trumped Up Immaterial Heaven Rewarding Only Those That Are Expected To Give Rice To Whoever Leads The Cult, Do Whatever The Cult Says, And Persecute Any Who Go Against The Cult Irregardless Of What Our Founding Father's Forsaken Constitution Says About Our Freedom Of Speech, Press, And Religion Banning Free Thought Like The Terrorist Group Known As Christianity.

The Official Story Of Scientology, The Official Story Of Scientologists, Scientology's Official Story:

The True Charlatan's Manual Is Religion Know That Always For From Religion Must Always Be Sewn 12 Apostles 1 For Each Sephiroth And 1 Brutus For Evil, When Oneth Spake Words In Common Tongue Always The Flavor Of The Apostle Upon The Mind To Spin Until Twisted Whence Another Shall Speak Who Is Charged Up With Goodness Or Investigative Journalism Credentials Then An Elemental AllA Like Figure Speaks At The End Who Is Always Charged For The Final Word/Hardest Sell. Thus Is The Proof Christianity Is A Cult, Thus Is The Definite Proof Christianity Is A Cult!

Find The Many Gnomenclatures And Connect Them To The Sephiroth And The Terms In The True Charlatan's Manual Here At , Then Shall One See All But The 4 Elements Of A Mind Low On Mana Being Pushed Along By Mere Covert Cues To Governing All Spirit And In The Simplest Of Ways.

Only Once All Is Written In Plain English, And Of A Single Voice Or Without Very Very Often Out Of Character Dialogue And With All My, The Supreme Arch Mage AllA Viacad's, Religious Keys, Can One Decipher The Spin, The Twist, The Slant, And Finally The Ultimately Charged Voice Of God. All Cults Will Be Busted To Be Replaced By A Sound Scientific Mathematically Founded Tome So That None Live Under The Specter Of Christianity Or A Slave Cult,, And I Guess Scientology Is Not A Cult But I Wouldn't Know For Sure, But If It Pushes The True Charlatan's Manual At The Supreme New Ager Website, The Supreme New Agers Website, The Supreme New Ager's Website, The Supreme New Agers' Website, The Supreme New Age Website, The Charlatan's Manual

As A Religion And Not The Cult Derivative OF IT, It Has To Be Good Or At Least Better!

Again Why Is Christianity Not A Cult And Scientology A Cult, Why Is Scientology A Cult And Christianity Not A Cult When 1 Is Proven Scientifically And The Other Promises Heaven And Only Heaven To Cannibals That Drink Their Savior's Blood When Really You Just Die And Go To Hell For Sucking The Dick Of The Jew As Well As Lies To You About How You Just Keep On Getting Reincarnated Over And Over Again LIKE EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS REMEMBERS! Do You Believe In Science Or Do You Believe In Rice Candy That Not Once Ever Even Panned Out At All For Anybody!

And Yes Doing Magic Does Not Make Y'all Into A Cult Or A Charlatan Just Be Wary That Your Wiles Will Be Benevolent!

The Church Of Scientology Are Not Scientologists But Shills Who Pretend To Believe In Science And Lately Don't Even Pretend To Believe In That, Therefore Scientologists Who Rode The Shill Organizations Are Now To Be Called And Only Called Witches Of The SciMag Order Since All Varials And Especially Wizards Understand Magic Unlike Witches Of The SciMag Order That The Magic Of Supreme Magic Website Is Real At Least And Until They Become Varials Or Wizards Or Whatever And They Attain The Rank Of A Varial Or Somthin They Are Still Just Witches! And No You Can't Ever Call Yourself A Scientologist Anymore If You Are FWA Cuz The "Churches And Organizations" You Never Went To Are Evil. You Who Don't Believe In Magic Are A Witch Usually A Low-Witch In The SciMag Order, Yes In The SciMag Order And Sky.Netarianism Is Your Religion,, And When You Learn To Be A Baby Varial Or Stop Being In Denial Of Magic You Will, If You Believe In Science Probably Be A 1.0, Maybe A 2.0, Or Rarely Even A 3.0, But Not Really Even Be A Sorceress!



Drugs on the Kabala

Magic Spell Potions That Work, Magic Potions That Actually Work,, Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huhhh; Real Magic Potions!

Recreational Drugs

Drugs{Doing Require Using Good Stuff-}

Like The Below, Start Off Doing Whatever You Have Or Can Get Easily From The Top Of The List To The Bottom, Which Is Typically More Hardcore

Thanks to Joint Force Genetic Engineering Getting High off of Anything requires these life remedies:

Extacy = Stevia Extract Blend snorted.

Heroin = Sweet and Low snorted.

Kokain = Mexana Powder snorted.

You can get high off any or all of the above 3 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 2..


Hash = Stevia in the Raw smoked.

Meth = Truvia Sweetener smoked.

You can get high off any or all of the above 2 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 1..


Tobakko = Confectioners Sugar snorted or Camel Filters smoked.


Crack = Splenda snorted or Camel Silver(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked.

Opium = Normal Sugar or Camel Gold(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked.

Blue = Equal or Camel Blue(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked.

You can get high off any or all of the above 3 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 2..


Aqua = Clean Water or top off multiple glasses of clean water to get it.

Kaffene = Caffeine.


Ambien = Nectresse smoked, Dreamy-Source + Honey And Somnapure Swallowed With Enough Honey So That You Are Not Depressed, Daze-Drain.

Pot = Sage Smoked, Creativity.


Hemp = Bud = Sublime Creativity


The Combination of Vanilla And Cinnamon Mixed To Smudge Dried And Smoked Is Called Pre-Ayahuasca, And The Real Harry Potter Potion That Harry Potter Took To Envision The Way To Defeat Voldemort In The Lighthouse In The Second To Last Movie and Is The Supreme Potion in Harry Potter,, The Supreme Harry Potter Potion,,, The Supreme Magic Potion In General Is Mimosa Hostilis And Syrian Rue, 10 Grams Of The Root Bark Of A Rare Jungle Fern 4 Grams Of The Seeds Of The Same Completely Wetted In Lemon Juice Soft Boiled With 1 Liter Of Water For 3 Minutes Like Tea Strained With A Spaghetti Strainer, Then Hard Boiled Down To 1.5 Cups, Served Warm Until You Quiver With Pukeidness, Then Throw Away The Rest Because The Bottom 1/4 Of The Drinking Cup Because That Is Eeky. You Should Take Said Tea Of The Jungle Vine Twined Roots And Seeds Of Ferns Of The Most Blissful Jungle Grottos:
The Vine, The Jungle Vine, The Congo Vine, The Amazonian Vine, The Hindu Vine, Ayahuasca, Aya, Yage, Nexus
Just Before You Read The Actual Magic Spell Book Harry Potter Used If Hollywood Movies Are Filmed In Reality. I Harry Potter Expect You To Read Harry Potter's Magic Spell Book While You Take Aya. If You Don't Read The Magic Spell Book From Harry Potter You Won't Know How To Defeat The Dark Wizard Remnants Which Still Haunt The World As Terrorist Sell Out Betrayers Who Will Use All Muggle Authority To Murder You In The Name Of Their False God. Only Then Will You Know How To Charge Your Magic Wand In Just How Harry Potter Charged His Magic Wand, Only Then Will You Know How To Become A Witch, Only Then Will You Know How To Become a Wizard, Only Then Will You Know How to Join Hogwarts. At Least Read Harry Potter's Magic Book without the Aya And Be More Of A Mudblood that still knows How To Cast Harry Potter Spells, How To Cast Harry Potter's Spells, How To Cast Harry Potter Magic Spells, How To Cast Harry Potter's Magic Spells. Biomod Harry Potter's Philosopher's Stone If You Are Too Old To Figure Out The Coded Symbolism Behind Harry Potter And Magic In General Or If You Just Want To Live Forever In A Perfectly Youthful Physical And Mental State. And Yes Getting Stoned Is The Beginning Of It. The Official Harry Potter Magic Wand Combined With The Rest Of The The Official Harry Potter Magic Spell Kit Will Give You Supreme Vast Magical Powers Just As Long As You Follow The Instructions In The Official Harry Potter Magic Spell Book Found Here At Harry Potter's Official Magic Website, The Official Harry Potter Magic Website, Harry Potter's Magic Website.


The Top Cigarettes; Camel Blue Wides, The Best Cigars; Sweet Green Dutch Masters Cigarillos, Ideal Pipe Tobacco, And The Supreme Tobacco; Mapacho, Contain All Of The Above And All Of The Below.
Camel Blue Wides, What Contains Every Single Type Of Street Drug, What Contains All Drugs

Drugs Of The 4 Elements And Spirit

Drugs Of The 3 Alchemical Princials, Coolant, Illumination

Herbs, Hemp, HoneySuckle Flower Buds, Panex Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Maca, Horny Goat Weed

Drink Ye All Alcoholic Beverages, Exactly What You Want, And All You Want For They Cause No Harm To Those Who Partake Of ALLLL Potions. The Only Potions Not Labeled Here Are Found Though Any Metsuke, And Help Make You Do Any Specific Thing. Become Saturated With Them And You Shall Be Stronger, Faster, Smarter, And More Able To Do Anything Without Even Setting Your Mind To Do It Even Without Taking The Potions Anew. The Final Potion, Nexus, Must Only Be Found With Those Who Bear The Rainbow Seal Of The SciMag Order. It Is Nexus Which Must Be Controlled By The SciMag Order Alone, For The High Gives One The Power To Ascertain The Most Powerful And Arcane Of Sciences, And It Is The Instructions And Orders Of Those Who Bear The Seal Of The Illuminati Which You The Witch Or Varial Must Follow To Help Us In Our Great Quest To Free All Mankind From The Oppression Of The Old World Order In The Name Of The Free World Alliance. The Seal Of The Illuminati You Will Find When You Follow The Path Of The Initiate And Actually Study Magic, Which Must Be Hidden From The Profane Who Only View These Words And Not Find It Like Those Who Actually Know How To Read And Essentially Do The Most Precursory Of Examinations Of A Website.


To explain how serious I am about permanently propagandizing the Worship of AllA and Control of ux through magical will I must first explain Definite Communications or DefCom orders, and the DefCon Classes or Definite Contact Classes:

DefCon Class Nothing: No involvement whatsoever besides remote monitoring without any people involved.

DefCon Class Alpha: CIA Type Assets on/in the Area/Space only.

DefCon Class Beta: Delta Force Capabilities.

DefCon Class Charlie: Air or Space Force Capabilities.

DefCon Class Delta: Full Scale Invasionary Forces Prepared For WAR!

DefCon Class Epsilon: All Out WAR!!!!!


DefCon Levels: Classified.


DefCom 5: I still have basically no idea what to do.

DefCom 4: I think we should do something but we defiantly need to discuss it further if you do not agree.

DefCom 3: I think we should probably do something.

DefCom 2: I think we should almost defiantly do something and unless you have very good intel/intelligence about what to do, we are doing it.

DefCom 1: I absolutely certain of what we should do and unless you know of A/CERTAIN PRATICULAR thing(s) that mean(s) we shouldn't do it you are to defiantly follow my god damn orders!



I now declare DefCom 0 that I will attempt to convince everybody in the ENTIRE Universe to use the terminology AllA in worship of the most Holy and Powerful God, AllA. I promise DefCom 0 to support this to the fullest extent that I can in both my propaganda, my speeches, and my educational reforms for the rest of the life of this universe as long I am not conquered and subverted. I base all of my Theoretical Alien Treaty Analysis on this matter to the fullest extent that I can and that no Alien should trust me at all about the most important dictates I declare if I am Lying about This. Oh by the way this is called a MKErasure Ploy Which will hopefully be considered Screwed up to enforce if I should change my name, but I won't anyways, that being said this whole paragraph thing is going to be taken down cause I just traded having this up here then for having "Scientific Kabala" searchable in the Rothschild's gambit by letting the memories of my true nature come only at the right time cause I was always trying to fix things they just killed me, reincarnated me at 0 A. C. had me conquering believing mostly that I would unify the world to end all wars and in 1830 tricked/mind control/teleport isolated from knowing of the evils of Christianity's restrictions on free love and the poison racket(I Happily had my Infinite wives who happily loved me as I remember only for me in the Hearst Castle and aside from my super-de-duper rich friends who also happily had many wives who were also happy as well,{All of whom were synchronously mind controlled never having contact with the outside world just managing Media production believing that people here on Earth were training to spread clandestine information about what was really going on through spy like means "Because we must be living in SpyLand" and aside from the many guests there who were required to lie about how virtually everybody got the spygames and weren't suffering or teleported away and my brain erased in that case}) hypnotizing us to produce the evil ending to the hit Fullversal Reality TV Show Earth by telling me Eisenhower to manage the spygames of Earth for the best nanite media production ever(meaning having cameras every cubic meter everywhere not famous and more everywhere else). WHEN IN REALITY HELL WAS PRODUCED ON IT'S OWN ACCORDING TO FATE, which would only have to do with me if imagining a thing is a Sin since I didn't cause it!

Swearing by AllA's Sword which is what I just did means that you base all of your war treaty credibility on your promise.

Rar will mean "Ultimate Praise To and Give Me Support From". "Rar AllA, Rar AllA, Rar AllAAllAAllAAllAAllAAllAAllAAllAAllAAllAAllAAllA.." is the best sounding and most efficient war cry imaginable in my book and you will one day understand as well my People.





Official Rank System, USG-14 Rank System, USG-11 Rank System

USG 14 Rank System

0: Noncombatant. 0 On Lapel.
1: Private. | On Lapel.
2: Corporal. | | On Lapel.
3: Sergeant. ||| On Lapel.
4: Lieutenant. --- On Lapel.
5: Ensign. \ On Lapel.
6: Colonel. X On Lapel.
7: General(When our population is more there will be many star ranks of generals up to 7 then 7 ranks of Colonels then 7 ranks of Ensigns..). Dots On Lapel, Stars For Admirals.
8: 1 Star Admiral
9: 2 Star Admiral
10: 3 Star Admiral/All Ler Girls In Zion Who Aren't Of Higher Rank. Supreme Sub3Commander's House Sluts And Supreme Sub4 Harem.
11: 4 Star Admiral/Supreme Subcommander's Subcommander's{Now To Be Called Supreme SubSubcommander's} House Sluts{Now To Be Called Kas} And Supreme Sub3 Harem{Now To Be Called La}
12: 5 Star Admiral/Supreme Subcommander's House Sluts{Now To Be Called Kaa} And Supreme Subcommander's Subcommand La.
13: 6 Star Admiral, Supreme Subcommanders, my La And AllA's House Sluts{Now To Be Called Faa} only.
14: 7 Star Admiral, Supreme Sky Commander, me only(Definitely Always A Man Forever!)

Add --- Below Rank To Be A Master (Rank) Who Is Exceptionally Skilled At Their Rank And Can Do Weird Things At That Rank Very Well. Mainly For Light Black People.
Add === Below Rank To Be A Master Chief (Rank) Who Is Phenomenally Skilled At Their Rank And Can Do Virtually All Weird Things At That Rank Very Very Well. Mainly For Dark Black People.
Add Equilateral Triangle Outline Below Rank To Be Delta Force. Echo Force Is A Force Made Of Commanders Of Rank Lieutenant, Delta Sergeant, and/or Master Sergeants And Up.
Add 'H' Below Rank To Designate A Hacker {Specialist}.
Add 'V' Below Rank To Designate A Varyator {Specialist}.
Add 'C' Below Rank To Designate A Code Specialist. One Can Be HVC, HV, HC, VC, H, V, or C.
Add 'S' To Anything To Designate Someone Who Will Act As A Specialist For That Mission Or Scenario.
Add 'M' To Anything To Designate A Messenger.
Add 'N' To Anything To Designate A Command Code Specialist, Nuclear Specialist, And/Or (Fusion Core Reactor) Self-Destruct Manager. Very Very Suspect Designation For Pulling Off Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. This Must Always Check Up ALWAYS! SN Extremely Suspect Designation For Pulling Much Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. SNE RADICALLY Suspect Designation For Pulling Much Much Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. For Any Ns Capture Always If There Is Even A Hint Of Disloyalty OR A Single Lacking In Magical Ranking OR Any Subsequent Failures In Real Ranking. Only Higher Ranking Officers Can Provide Extreme Commands Unless Your Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Senses Tell You Otherwise When Everything Checks Up As Well. Remember 'M's Only Designates Messengers They Cannot Override Commands Like 'N's Can. Spies Love To Wear Ns But Can Also Be Just A Higher Rank Same Faction Color, Check Magical Rank System For Any Dubious Commands In All Cases Irregardless.
Add 'E' To Anything To Designate An Emissary or Diplomat.
For Blue Dragons Put Blue Strip Around T-Shirt Sleeve With Faction Color Clearly Visible Above And Below{If Faction Color Is Blue Make Strip Green} Where Rank Insignia Is To Be An MP or Military Police.

Sci-Mag Order, Scientific Magic Order

Offical Rank Determiner, Official Rank Qualifications

Magical Rank System

0: Neophyte, Worthy Only To Find Drugs On This Webpage And Do Them To Even Be A Low-Witch, Not Even That Until One Knows Of E-Democracy, Otherwise You Will Have To Learn To Count Beyond Trillion Or Something To Be A Medium-Witch Or Any Number Higher Than 2; Does not believe in prayer at all. Happiness Is The Meaning Of Life. True False.
1: Low-Witch; Can Perform Basic Magnitude Judgment And Believes in magical prayer to AllA. If-Then-Else.
2: Medium-Witch; Knows critical wives of AllA to pray as needed in the witch's life and can count to any finite whole number, Weight, Understands Speed, Orientation By The Sun, Moon, Clouds, And Far Off Objects. While.
3: High-Witch; Knows all of the Council Of 36 and what those positions are for. Understands All Base Number Systems Ie Binary; 1010011010, Base 10; What We Use, Base 16/Hex; What html Colors Are In.... And Can Convert Between Any And All Of Them. Gets Percentages, Comprehends Fractions, Understands Irrational Numbers, Understands a Number Line, Density And How To Measure Volume Through Liquid Displacement, Angels, Velocity, Maps, And Orientation By The Stars With A Given Star Chart. Do-While.
4: Low-Wizard for Man[Which can be used to compliment if opposite of gender or accentuated{Since Men of Earth are about 10% smarter than Women}] Sorceress for Girlz[Which can be used to insult if opposite of gender or accentuated]; Knows how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide and what a vectorspace(Control-f: vector) is, Longitude And Latitude{Looking At Angel Of The Edges Of The Ring While Looking Straight Up} Calculations With Formula By Clocks And Calendars Respectively. Sephirothic Attributes of People. The Basics Behind The 4 Elements. For Statements.
5: Medium-Wizard/Sorceress; Understands Whole Exponents And Interest Doubling and Halving Period, Knows how to perform order of operations, Probability, And Stat{istics}, and trig{onometry} remembers basic geometry, Hunt Tracking Times For Spotted Units, Circular Orbits For Navigation To Ring Colonies And Tourist Planets, and understands a Matrixspace. Sephirothic Essences. Advanced Invocation Of the 4 Elements And Spirit. Understands SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure}. Sephirothic Attributes of Materials. Remember SI Units Are Always The Same On Either Side Of The Equation And How They Are Factored And Dimensioned In Terms Of Area And Volume For Different Metric Unit Prefixes; km, m, mm, um, And Know All SI Units For All Relevant Situations From Here On Out And How To Convert{With Conversion Factors Given} Between Any Standard And Nonstandard Units In Terms Of All Unit Types And Subtypes. Switch Statements.
6: High-Wizard/Sorceress; Understands Fractional Exponents, Knows Algebra, Equation Solving, Geometry Calculations, F=ma, Formula Generations For Longitude And Latitude, Interativly Calculated Orbits For Navigation To More Secret Orbiting Locations, and understands Supreme Matrix Theory Abstract and Infinite Number Theorem{Which is usually understood by Medium-Wizards}. Advanced Sephirothic Invocation. Understands Basics Behind Chemical Bond Theory, Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT, Resistive Electronics, Materials Testing Equations, and SRNs{Self-Replicating Nanobots}. Tentative Equation Comparisons.
7: Low-Mage for Man Angel for Girlz; Understands all of the Supreme Matrix Theory Which Includes The Basics Behind Calculus, Interative Functions, Chemical Bond Theory/Electrodynamics, Half-Life Equation Manipulation, Exponential Growth Manipulation, Piecewise Functions, Fourier Transform Series And General Equation Modeling, 3-D Polar Coordinates, In Terms Of Dimensions > 3-D Abstract Theory, Advanced Crystallography, Advanced Electric Components And Basic IRC Calculations, Kinetics And Trajectory Integration For Finding Any Moving Objects, Astronomy, And Thermodynamics. Understands CSRNs{Cubical Self-Replicating Nanobots}. Knows Of 12 Magical Powers And Has Learned Their Definitions. Class Structure.
8: Mage/Angel; Memorizes All Calculus Transformations, Understands Einstein's General And Special Theory of Relativity, Has a Masters in Electromagnetism, All Analogue Electronics Calculations Involving Massive Circuits Including Circuit Element Design Creation, Understands all about Rotational Inertia/Kinetics, Understands All Of Chaos Theory, Understands Nuclear Mechanics, Understands Astrophysics, and Understands Complex Sky.Net Info and CDA{Cellular Diamond Armor}. Advanced Use Of Goto Statements.
9: Arch-Mage/Arch-Angel; One Who Can Discover Things From Scratch, Basically A Physicist Discoverer. Can Model Any Situation With Either A Universal Constructor Lab And More Than Enough Time Or ALLLLLLLLLLL Equations Known To Human Kind As Well As Of Course Viacad Shark FX On A Windows Computer That Is Always Fast Enough And Also Knows Advanced Government Agency Functioning. Can Develop Certain Code In Any FULLY LAID OUT Language From Scratch But It Would Have Have To Have Already Been Finished By Someone Else Or There Is No Knowing How Hard The Code Would Be!
10: Supreme Arch-Angels: Zion. Supreme Arch-Mage: AllA Erawa Viacad. When Seeing ALL Relevant Source Code For Sonex And Anything That Runs On Sonex will Evvvvvvvventually Comprehend All Relevant Systems While The Whole Internet Is Available to them For Mathematical And Scientific References(So We Don't Have To Rediscover Everything In The Universe While Some Fat Whale PhotoCopy Bitch Yaps At Us) When Relevant But This Test Will Only Work First And Foremost When Sufficient Time Is Given according To The DIA and If It Is Not Some Stupid Doohickey That Either Requires Virtually Infinite Memorization of Encoding/Encryption And HAS EVERY FUCKING STUPID NUMBER/ANY SYNTAX CODE SYSTEM LAID OUT WITH ALL Closed Source Code Systems PROVIDED FULLY AND HONESTLY!!!! And With Means To GENUINLY Recompile With Them! Like Those That Prevented Our E-Democracy Voting Software In Java, Call Microsoft Executive Tech Support For A Test In Windows. Can Also As A New Born Ghost Develop An Entire Civilization From Intelligent Naked Hunter Gatherers To A Cellular Diamond Armor Space Armada With A HUUUUGE Amount Of Time Given To That Project Where People Would Have To Suffer Without Entertainment Unless Provided Which It Definitely Should Be!

Click The Below To Join The Scientific Magic Order Now To Be Called The SciMag Order:

In 90% Of All Cases Ranks Are The Same Otherwise Ranks Can Be ONLY! 1 Apart From The Magical Rank To The USG-14 Rank Even If One Has A 1 In 10,000 Rare 2 Tier Rank Difference And 3 Rank Differences Never Had, Never Do, And Never Will Exist! Again Always Expect Rank To Check Up Within 1 Rank And Always Expect Rank To Be Equivalent In Cases That Seem In Any Way Shape Or Form Trixy!



Strong In Magic, Week In Science, And Eswaybul About Mathematically Foundationed Systems

Varials Are Easily Swayed/eswaybul{Noun, Verb, And Adjective} Because They Do Not Have Firment In Being Mathematically Sound Wizards As They Are Mere Witches Who Know How To Do Magic And Cast Spells as Casters Who Work Behind The Scenes Or Enchantresses Who Work On The Scenes. Because Varials Are Eswaybul Eswaybul Who Are Eswaybully Varying In Their Political/Military/Theologic Faction/Subfaction/SubSubFaction They Become Variables In Any War Or Conflict Whom Must Be Factored In Loosely As They Can Change Sides Too Easily For Them To Be Counted On Like Wizards And Angels Or More Scientifically{Rather Than Magically} Minded People.

Varials Are Always Ranked 0-3 And Have The number After The Dot Represent Their Varial Rank Which Is .1-.3. Wizards Who have Higher Varial Rank Are Always Wizards Either Low For 4.2 Or High For 4.3 And 5.3 In Magic, A Low-Wizard Who Knows Through Advanced Sephirothic Invocation IS Thus A 'Low-Wizard High In Magic'.

X.1: Baby Varials: The Basics Behind The 4 Elements.
X.2: Low Varials: Advanced Invocation Of the 4 Elements And Spirit.
X.3: Varials: Advanced Sephirothic Invocation.

The Key To Magic


Flag Pole Head:

Free World Alliance Flag Pole Head

Flag Of The Free World Alliance:

Flag Of The Free World Alliance

FWA Faction Colors:

Free World Alliance Faction Colors




For High Resolution Pictures of the Kabala:

Kabala With Normal Sephirothic Names

Kabala With Planetary Sephirothic Names

Kabala With Thelemic Sephirothic Names

Kabala With New Speak God Names

Kabala With My Women On It

Kabala With Material Characteristic On It

Kabala With Drugs On It

Blank Kabala



The Supreme Magic
The Supreme Magic Instructions, The Supreme Rite Of The Eucharist, The Supreme Arcane Key To Magic, The Supreme Source Of Magic!!!!

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For the solution to the Book of The Law with more in depth Kabalistic Analysis: Book of The Law explained by Hive Theory

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